More new gear!

As part of a slow, ongoing reexamination of the core system and the moving parts presented in the corebook, we've finally come to the lack of cheap low-end armour. It's intentional — building a starting character around Having Decent Armour requires devoting the majority of your starting resources to that, and probably stretching what's left a little further with Trouble quirks if you want a matching serious gun.

But characters who aren't building a tank have even fewer options. Spend the resources on armour and have nothing left over for your actual chaacter concept? Or go unarmoured and risk going down in the first few seconds of any serious combat?

Of course, we already came up with the answer to "what if more armour, but on the cheap" — the disposable ablative plating for the S-Series power armour. So we're reused that mechanical conceit for a disposable bulletproof jacket; cheap enough for almost any starting character concept, and with a little luck, enough to get you to cover alive when shit kicks off. (And then useless, to make you spend more money. It is Rainworld!)

...Oh. And fashion codpieces.

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