Sections rewritten

While adding some minor suggestions about naming Urow characters, I took the opportunity to read over the whole thing, and...rewrote a chunk.

The language around race, particularly regarding mixed Urow characters, never struck me as particularly well done, I don't think, but I left it. To be clear, that's 100% on me, not Kade; they wrote the Urow brief entirely on the understanding that, as Rainworld's overall editor, the ideas were theirs but the language would be passing through my hands to meet Rainworld's overall style.

Apparently, Rainworld's style sounded...significantly more racist than I remember.

Again: that's 100% on me. I think — I hope — that this update makes it significantly better; I'll be looking at it again with fresh eyes after a night's sleep. This isn't "oh, noticed a thing, fixed it"; this is "noticed a thing. I have a problem here."

So this is a first step.

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