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Spindrift:  an issue-by-issue tour of the regions, history, religion, magic & wildlife of the Known Continent. Whimsy & weird magic (and attempts to excise some baked-in bigotries of the ancestral fantasy TTRPG).

A bimonthly SWORD DREAM periodical for tabletop gaming.

Issue 1: October 2019 — The Night Country

The Morlock Empire of the southern deserts.

Issue 2: December 2019 — The Duin Delta

Trade and skulduggery on the river trading route.

Issue 3: February 2020 — Ruritania

Adventuring in the spirit-haunted farmlands of unbowdlerised Grimm country.

Issue 4: April May 2020 — The Spine of the World

The towering peaks running the length of the Known Continent.

Issue 5: June 2020 — The Glass Wastes

Scavenging in hot, weird wasteland left over from the apocalyptic end of Wizard War  I.

Issue 6: due August 2020 — Eisgriff

The tyrannical fiefs of the Iron Czars: the thin line against the bleak intelligence of the Ice.

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CategoryPhysical game
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, zine


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