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My pre-pandemic home game was for a group of D&D 5e players whom I stole from a worse and less reliable GM. They adventured around a setting I have only ever thought of as the Known Continent: a broad-strokes landmass for them to fill in as we went along.

Here, then, is what we discovered about the region of Panarat: it's located in the southern deserts, and it's full of utter bastards.

This download includes:

  • Haunt of the Nuisance-Lich, and
  • Issue #1 of Spindrift, both of which are available elsewhere on my itch page;
  • Seven Heretical Clerics & The Legacy of Vazimak the Thanaturge, which originally appeared in Melsonian Arts Council's The Undercoft, Issues 11 and 12 respectively.  Previously unavailable, pending a rewrite; however, that work seems unlikely to be completed in the near future.
  • A précis of my very own Panarat campaign: Morlock politics, shadowy factions, and dastardly agendas — plus one very bloody serial killer, which I have now actually uploaded, sorry folks!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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HotNL.pdf 57 kB
Spindrift-Issue-1.pdf 564 kB
LegacyOfVazimak.pdf 66 kB
7HereticalClerics.pdf 53 kB
The Panarat Papers.pdf 222 kB

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