I was recently going over some older projects, and read through Arcanohackers. I'd always naggingly known that it was incomplete without at least some example monsters; but until now, it's mouldered on the "get round to, one day" pile.

Well: it still needs some love, but it's one day today.

If you have access to the original, you can also now download Arcanohackers 2.0 — largely the same rules, but factored out into a separate rule system document. Arcanohackers is presented as a campaign framework for it; and so is an expanded version of Unaussprechlichen Speile, as a fully-compatible campaign framework within the same setting.

The monsters...are still a work in progress. A very early and drastically incomplete version, the Threat Recognition Guide, is also part of the 2.0 download.

I think it still needs a fleshed-out monster book, and a companion rules document containing advice on running the game. But today is not that day.

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