New Fireheart splatbook!

The long-threatened second Fireheart splatbook arrives! Having done totally-not-Solar-Exalted in the base game, and totally-not-Dragonblooded in the Terracotta Army, I honestly ran out of totally-not-Exalts that I thought were interesting or had much mileage in them.

Nonetheless, we're in the runup to Halloween, and it kept nagging at me, so here are Firehearted's totally-not-Abyssals! And the trouble I had with this, honestly, encapsulates the problem with doing any of the others: they rely heavily on Exalted's specific lore. Without it, the Abyssals are just morbid goth edgelord Solars. So I leaned into Firehearted's own specific lore, which has made them...their own thing. Which was never the point of Firehearted —it's supposed to be store-brand Exalts.

That's why I can't see myself doing any more of them. There's just not enough there there to work with, without the Exalted lore. Werewolves? Magic Transformers? Eeeevil Firehearted? I can't get enough mileage out of any of the high concepts alone. I had to mash up enough Sidereals into the Dark Mirrors just to eke out the material for this.


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Oct 11, 2022

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