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There will come a time, the gods know, when all things will accidentally align in perfect symmetry, as its creators intended; and at that time when the stars are right, the world's wards and borders will not be enough to barricade out the Elder Things.

Within the ever-burning fires of the Forge await the souls of the Firehearted. They do not sleep. They wait for the first stirrings beyond the walls of reality, the first bricks to fall from its defences. They wait to fly free once more, to seek mortal frames, to arm life against its enemies. They wait to walk and talk and breathe as humans, as heroes, as legends made flesh.


(You see a great many clones, hacks, and reimaginings of D&D. Granted, that's largely down to the influence of the OGL and the resulting d20 boom; but there are so many games that a similar treatment would reward.

This is my longstanding back-burner project to produce a Totally Not Exalted™.)

Now including, in the grand tradition of Certain Publishers, an entire extra (AWARD-WINNING) splatbook that lets you make characters of an entirely different type of Exal— *cough* supernaturally empowered person!

And, hewing ever closer to its spiritual ancestry, ANOTHER splatbook nobody asked for as of October 2022!

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