Galére featured as the system for one of a number of Halloween-themed one-shots by Friends Who Roll Dice on Twitch (twitch.tv/friendswhorolldice), who are raising donations for RAINN — which was a delightful surprise!

Having watched it, I'm pondering a few edits, but as a start, I've added a much-needed clarification that getting rid of Consequences works in...well, much the same vague, handwavy way as the rest of the system. But it can't hurt to set these things out clearly!

The other things I'm thinking about are less directly mechanical and address the worldbuilding more. There's the strong scaffolding of an implied setting in Galére, but not a lot to suggest how magic works, the scope and scale or the procedure of it. Which is entirely deliberate! But I might have erred a little far on the "make this your own" side of things.

I'm hesitant to nail it down specifically, but I'm considering perhaps a set of index-card-sized packages of extra setting material, each giving the setting a different feel. One that leans heavily into a ritual-magic feel, perhaps, heavy on ritual protocol and ancient lore; one that's more Reaching Out To The Spirits With The Power of Friendship, and so on. We'll see!

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