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The people of the mountain are sparse, tiny huddled hamlets and isolated livestock farmers; they need each other, love and hate each other, in the way that subsistence communities must. And they need you, love and hate you, because you're one of them, and not one of them: you are one of the witches of the mountains.

You are one of a handful of overworked, alienated, vital people, one foot in the Here, one planted in the Else. They might call you and your peers a coven, were you somewhere more cosmopolitan. As it is, you are who you are, and whatever comes, you will have to be sufficient: une galére des sorcières.

(As featured in a Halloween charity fundraising one-shot Twitch stream by Friends Who Roll Dice!)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorCaffeinated Otter
TagsTabletop role-playing game


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An amazing game for witches out in the middle of nowhere, where to be a witch is to be an overworked "doer of the grimly necessary." Opening by describing the GM-player relationship instead as "an asymmetrical, cooperative game" gives it a slightly different tone that I think is followed through on well with the option to voluntarily fail an action. 

With a light hand, it paints a stark world I'm excited to explore. There are a few touches that remind me of the Discworld witches, but the game does not share that setting. 

(included in the "Indie bundle for Palestinian aid")