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La Cáttedral della Musica Universale stands for all that's good and wholesome and right. And the hardened paladins and clerics of L'Ordo Palatino, sworn to the direct and secret missions of il Hierophantos himself, do the bloody work behind the scenes to keep it standing.

These are their missions.

  • Escaping the Molten Bell: evacuate beloved subjects of the Church from the borders of Hell itself!
  • Eight Damned Deck: rescue a fragile international peace by recovering a runaway scion for their arranged marriage!
  • Born Into Their Shadowed Demonspawn: recover a long-lost relic of the Church's holy arsenal!
  • The Rod of Those Blue Demonspawn: track down and exterminate filthy pornographers, root and branch!
  • Wheel in the Black Halls: enter a deadly game against a foreign death god, for the life of one of Order's own!

(One-page system neutral TTRPG scenarios, for any fantasy system containing paladins/clerics/equivalent holy warrior types. The titles are from a generator, for a jam that I didn't make the deadline for; the airport thriller paladins conceit just...kinda happened.)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorCaffeinated Otter


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