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Please note that if you want to download all of the Rainworld PDFs, you can get them all at once in the form of The Collection.

Rainworld's rules are very clear on the subject of "published canon": we Don't Do That Here. Also, the plugins are wholly optional, and represent a chance to do experimental stuff around the edges of the game.

So, for #TheDracJam, we have here "Dracula for Rainworld". And, yes, it is basically a shitpost, but also: there's a rationale in it for the existence of Dracula in the setting which is internally consistent with the rest of the not-very-hard SF. You can run this as part of a Rainworld game with a completely straight face, and I'm quite proud of that.

Contains rules for creating Draculoid characters, setting information on what Draculoids are and can do, and some hints about what the Dracula is and what its role in Rainworld's setting might be.

Dracula All The Things!

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AuthorCaffeinated Otter


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