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before i consider buying this, i have to know if this is a game


The acronym "TTRPG" stands for "Tabletop Role-Playing Game", which is to say, the same general kind of thing as Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulu or Eclipse Phase or so on. I hope that helps?

I'm still making my way through the rulebook but
1) Could I play this through discord? Or do we have to be in the same room?
2) There's no GM for this game, right?


It's designed for a GM - the role that the rules refer to as "Control".

The combat rules are maybe a little bit crunchy, as written, to run entirely without a map grid - but if you handwave the weapon range rules, there's no reason you can't run it as pure theatre of the mind. (I certainly don't see a problem running it unmodified in something like Roll20.)

Thank you so much for the quick reply and clarification!

No problem!


Er... There's already a game called Rain World.


There is indeed a platform video game named "Rain World", which has no connection with this pen & paper RPG named "Rainworld". I hope that clears up any confusion you had!


I wasn't confused, I was pointing out that it might cause other people confusion.




were you stupid enough to get confused? lol because i don't think anyone else has or ever will have this "problem" you feel the need to point out.


are you 12

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No, I’m…Ahhh…AHHHH…!!!! *Clutches my throbbing head and topples to my knees, writhing in pain* Why can’t I remember……my past…..?!??!! AAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had that issue, so youre kind of the outlier here


you mean you and that one other guy?  looooooooool


These rules have such a great section on safety that I'd like to ask if I can re-use it verbatim, with credit, in the RPG that I'm planning on releasing.


What, really? Sure!


Thanks - much appreciated. I'll drop you a line when it's out.


Cheers! 👍


The TTRPG that I wrote that uses these is now out at


Oh man, that's amazing — I think I'm going to need a week to absorb the game properly!