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Two centuries into terraforming the New Republic of Libertaria, the planet is nice enough — well, liveable enough — as long as you live within a few dozen klicks of one of the sky-high toadstool-shaped atmospheric processors. And lucky you, you do, in the urban sprawl around the base of the New Shenzen processor. The daily rains are a side effect of terraforming — should calm down in another few hundred years. The main thing is, your ancestors escaped from the Commonweal's long nightmare of peace and prosperity to found a society based on the real principles of real men — the capital-F Freedom to sell yourself into indentured servitude, own a different military assault weapon for every day of the year, and die from a minor infection because actually seeing a doctor is a deluxe premium optional extra for your medical insurance.

Breathing the air is still free at point of use, but trust me, they're working on it.

An homage to and loose retroclone of Nightfall Games' SLA Industries, Rainworld is a cyberpunk RPG where you play as all-purpose grunts for a government outsourcing contractor. Be a small cog in a big machine — also, the machine is broken, you're hip-deep in sewage, and you're getting the blame if this isn't fixed by lunchtime. And something horrible just grabbed your ankle.

Rainworld is currently under active development — there's currently no art, the text needs editing and polishing, and there's probably a billion typos. This is, nonetheless, a solidly representative chunk of the finished game.

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
GenreRole Playing
TagsCyberpunk, Sci-fi, ttrpg


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Er... There's already a game called Rain World.


There is indeed a platform video game named "Rain World", which has no connection with this pen & paper RPG named "Rainworld". I hope that clears up any confusion you had!


I wasn't confused, I was pointing out that it might cause other people confusion.



These rules have such a great section on safety that I'd like to ask if I can re-use it verbatim, with credit, in the RPG that I'm planning on releasing.


What, really? Sure!


Thanks - much appreciated. I'll drop you a line when it's out.


Cheers! 👍