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This is the first edition of the Rainworld TTRPG system. The second edition, Rainworld R2, is now available here.

Please note that if you want to download all of the Rainworld 1e PDFs, you can get them all at once in the form of The Collection.

Rainworld is a love letter to janky early-90s rules, dystopian SF settings, and dad jokes disguised as flavour text.

Catgirlspersons! Psionics! Biotech combat androids! The gig economy! A cyberpunk gear list with as many more evening dresses than shotguns! Six Seven TEN a bunch of pamphlet-sized supplements for it already!

The internet's finest* dystopian cyberpunk McJob TTRPG!

(*according to: me.)

Two centuries into terraforming the New Republic of Libertaria, the planet is nice enough — well, liveable enough — as long as you live within a few dozen klicks of one of the sky-high toadstool-shaped atmospheric processors. And lucky you, you do, in the urban sprawl around the base of the New Shenzen processor. The daily rains are a side effect of terraforming — should calm down in another few hundred years. The main thing is, your ancestors escaped from the Commonweal's long nightmare of peace and prosperity to found a society based on the real principles of real men — the capital-F Freedom to sell yourself into indentured servitude, own a different military assault weapon for every day of the year, and die from a minor infection because actually seeing a doctor is a deluxe premium optional extra for your medical insurance.

Breathing the air is still free at point of use, but trust me, they're working on it.

Rainworld is currently in development — the art isn't all there yet, and there may be remaining typos. (Tell me about one, and I'll credit you for proofreading!)

Rules plugins:

A set of pamphlet-sized expansions to the Rainworld rules is underway.

Currently available:

  • Cyberdeck — cyberpunk hacking rules
  • Underworld — details on the subterranean Gyre
  • Manxworld — the Manx, their homeworld of Askon, and the details that Rainworld's systemic racism ignores
  • Ganzfeld — the Ganzfeld, the Flow, and their place in galactic politics
  • Toxcrawl — wilderness exploration in the toxic apocalypse beyond the atmospheric processors
  • Catwalk — expanded gear and fashion to keep your operative on the cutting edge of style
  • Draculoid — simultaneously a joke and a supplement you can run entirely seriously as part of your Rainworld game (yes, really): Dracula for Rainworld!
  • Control — more sample RFWs, the Department's inner workings, Rainworld's calendar, and guidelines for naming Rainworld's places and people
  • Offworld — expanded character creation options for characters originating in the wider Interstellar Commonweal
  • Altitude — rule and gear for combat drones, and for livestreaming your sensorium across Rainworld's internet for fun, profit (and shooting at people without sticking your head out of cover)


  • Tithe — a scenario module detailing the rise and fall of the Tithe cryptocurrency corporation
  • Machina — a scenario module for a perfectly ordinary "shoot our employee for breach of contract" corporate work ticket
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorCaffeinated Otter
GenreRole Playing
TagsCyberpunk, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game


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before i consider buying this, i have to know if this is a game


The acronym "TTRPG" stands for "Tabletop Role-Playing Game", which is to say, the same general kind of thing as Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulu or Eclipse Phase or so on. I hope that helps?

I'm still making my way through the rulebook but
1) Could I play this through discord? Or do we have to be in the same room?
2) There's no GM for this game, right?


It's designed for a GM - the role that the rules refer to as "Control".

The combat rules are maybe a little bit crunchy, as written, to run entirely without a map grid - but if you handwave the weapon range rules, there's no reason you can't run it as pure theatre of the mind. (I certainly don't see a problem running it unmodified in something like Roll20.)

Thank you so much for the quick reply and clarification!

No problem!


Er... There's already a game called Rain World.


There is indeed a platform video game named "Rain World", which has no connection with this pen & paper RPG named "Rainworld". I hope that clears up any confusion you had!


I wasn't confused, I was pointing out that it might cause other people confusion.




were you stupid enough to get confused? lol because i don't think anyone else has or ever will have this "problem" you feel the need to point out.


are you 12

(1 edit) (-3)

No, I’m…Ahhh…AHHHH…!!!! *Clutches my throbbing head and topples to my knees, writhing in pain* Why can’t I remember……my past…..?!??!! AAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had that issue, so youre kind of the outlier here


you mean you and that one other guy?  looooooooool


These rules have such a great section on safety that I'd like to ask if I can re-use it verbatim, with credit, in the RPG that I'm planning on releasing.


What, really? Sure!


Thanks - much appreciated. I'll drop you a line when it's out.


Cheers! 👍


The TTRPG that I wrote that uses these is now out at https://half-apress.itch.io/60-years-in-space


Oh man, that's amazing — I think I'm going to need a week to absorb the game properly!