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This is a remix of Ash McAllen's dungeonpunk: simple fantasy tabletop roleplaying, OSR D&D-flavoured on a stripped-down PbtA/FitD chassis. It's lean and hackable and generally neat, and it's under a CC-0 license.

This version layers on some tweaks to some D&D-isms that personally bug me (thinking about what the mental stats are and do and represent in D&D makes me cross), bolts on some setting material, and adds:

  • FOUR (sort-of) classes!
  • FOUR religions! (three, technically, but saying so is HERESY)
  • FOUR paths to blasphemous arcane might!

(I cannot recommend highly enough that anyone thinking of running this consult SabreCat's Dungeons & Direct Actions for advice on dungeonpunk antagonists!)


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Version 2

Development log


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ahh, thanks much for the shout-out! I'm just getting my teeth into World is a Fuck, there's a lot of great material. I would love to read a dev log talking about your replacements for the old six attributes!


I hit the end of the Paths to Power and went "I should do a section on antagonists — no, hang on, I should point people to where it's been done well already!" 💜

I'm not sure there's truly enough thought in the stat replacements to say much, but I'll have to see what I can do!


"Haha this will only be a couple of sentences!" I said, and wrote a whole devlog.


Fantastic, just what I was hoping for! Thanks for taking the time.

I guess I'll have to look around the rest of your ludography to see what you do with these concepts outside the constraints of OSR compatibility 😸


De nada! Honestly, not as much as I ought to have — both my thinking on it and my attempts to coherently do something else are a WIP 😅