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Sequel to Quiescence.

"Back in the day, they called Crucible's power the Light of Truth: just enough hardwired single-purpose telepathy to lash out with a beautiful burst of golden light, and 'show evildoers the error of their ways'.

(The fact that overwriting people's ethics with her own, no matter how awful they are, is coercive mind control gets glossed over a lot.)

Without it, without her, I'd probably have ended up a black hat in a shallow grave, just another bad kid come to a bad end. Instead —

— yeah, well. Anyway.

Some bastard or other is poking around the Eden Boxes: nanotech doomsday devices from decades past. Cruce and the team put that bad idea down the first time round; just a question of slapping cuffs on the correct dipshits this time too, right?"

Slice-of-life relationship drama and low-key adventure shenanigans with disaster queer superheroes.


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