In the beginning were six wizards who watched over the mountain.
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Disaster lesbian superheros. (Sequel to Quiescence.)
Disaster lesbian superheros. Secrets, lies, and paperwork.
The world is ending. Can one AI bureaucrat and xer human colleague stop it?
The point is, even if you're a time traveller, you still have a linear subjective experience. That was the first lesson.
A TTRPG scenario for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
A cognitohazard for Rathayibacter's TTRPG, [BXLLET>
Extra classes for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
A TTRPG scenario for Rathayibacter's [BXLLET>
The Rainworld TTRPG plus all current expansions
Welcome, $(NAME)! Our values include integrity & valuing people! (HEALTHCARE & AMMO SUPPLY ARE YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY.)
Simplified arcane progression & a spell list for 5e D&Dlikes
A building floorplan for SF tabletop games
You wake up, shanghaied aboard the one-way Train to the Land of the Dead.
Within the First Forge, the souls of the Firehearted wait to fly free once more.
a dungeonpunk remix
Sea-themed moves for Ash McAllen's dungeonpunk
Carolina Sigma III is a starship boneyard. And the corp has abandoned you all there.
A SWORD DREAM zine for fantasy TTRPG gaming
yea, slimy things did crawl with legs upon the slimy sea. (And had cute, cozy adventures!)
Is this the terrible supernatural revenge of the long-lost vertebrates?
In the Supplicatorium of the Temple, you plead your case.
Reality is dissolving. Smooch your friends?
Infiltrate an impossible complex. Hack the dreams of apocalyptic gods. Steal their secrets.
A TTRPG of mountain witches, the supernatural, and the mundane.
For as long as humans have been building sapient robots, they've been fucking it up.
We ended the world, and all we got was this lousy job
a tabletop RPG for #ChessJam
System neutral, high fantasy TTRPG scenarios for black ops paladins
A #onePageDerelict starship wreck
My collected Troika Pamphlet Jam entries
A crew of living dead men, cast adrift in space forever
A TTRPG adventure scenario pamphlet
A Creative Commons collection of graphics from my TTRPG projects.
A janky scifi-ambience Truetype font.
A library of modular geomorphic dungeon map tiles
A set of science fiction HUD style hex tiles
An SVG asset for gamedevs